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Daily Diary~ (December 10- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (December 10- 2012)

Post  Anna on Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:28 pm


Its been a while, huh? Well. Sorry. I've been RPing with Nemi-chan.

So far- so good! Its pretty fun, but at the same time its so. SO.



Ren walked into Anna’s house, not really caring on the knocking part, she had given the entire team a break, while Kakashi’s team was out and doing missions, “ANNA! I’m hungway~ Do you have food? I like food!” Ren shouted and walking where she was.

“Yeah. It's in the fridge.” Anna said as she layed on the carpet of the floor in the livingroom. She moved her arms and legs slowly and stretched like a cat, and mumbled something about soft carpets. “Just.. don't touch the mangos and grapes.”

“Kay~” Ren shouted and walked into the kitchen, grabbing all the dango they had before walking back to Anna, “Hey, you alive down there?” She asked.

Anna hummed back a reply, and just relaxed on the soft carpet. “Its really soft.. I really like soft carpets.. I think.. if a Soft Carpet was a person. I’d probably marry it.” She mumbled, loud enough for Ren to hear.

Ren giggled, “Well then I’ll tell Kakashi and then he’s going to burn the carpet and throw the ashes away.” Ren pointed out.

“ oo..” Anna whined and kind of waved her arms and feet up and down. “I want the carpet’s babiessss.” Anna whined more and hugged the carpet to an extent.

“IMMA GO TELL KAKA ON CHU!!” She shouted and went to run and tell Kakashi.

“NOOOOOooOoOoOooOoO!!!!” But Anna was too lazy to make any move from her comfortable carpet. “RENNN I’LL TELL REI HOW BABIES WERE MADE IF YOU TELL HIM THAT! AND I’LL USE DETAILS! DETAIILSLSSSSS!!” Anna screamed lazily.

“Okay, I’ll do it to Shijima too, you know I don’t really care if she knows, she’ll think your just messing around.” Ren said shrugging.

“Kakashi already told Shijima how babies were born.” Anna sobbed. “And Rei always knows that I’m serious most of the time! CHILDREN BELIEVE ME! ALWAYSSS!! MUWHAUWA-” Anna burst into a fit of coughs then laughter.

“Uh, nope~” Ren said shaking her head and shrugging, “Believe what you want.” Ren said shrugging.

“I give up.” Anna stated and rolled around, grabbing one edge of the carpet and rolling herself up into a caccon.

“Okay.” Ren said and fell onto the couch.

“Meh-” The door slammed open by Iruka who ran in without manners and into the livingroom. “ANNA-SAMA ITACHI GOT THROUGH THE WALLS AND HE’S BY THE- Ren oh hi what are you doing here? H-hehe..” Iruka laughed awkwardly as he realized that he barged in and just said the worst possible name around the worst possible person.

“What did you just say?” Ren asked, sitting up with narrowed eyes, “What the hell are you people hiding from me?” She asked.

Anna unrolled herself and tried to look as innocent as she could. “Uhm.. f-flying p-pimps?” She stated pointing upwards.

“Oh don’t you try that! I invented that shit! I am the... manager of flying pimps! Now what the hell is going on!? EXPLAIN NOW!” Ren shouted standing up and crossing her arms.

“Nothing that is any of your business..?” Anna tried again. Failing at avoiding the inevitable. She sighed. “Itachi got into Konaha. We don’t know why. But he is..”

Ren sighed, “Well, where the hell is he?” Ren said and grabbed her jacket she had hung up, “Is there anyone else besides him?” She asked.

“N..not that we know of. It was only him. He wanted to see you.” Anna said looking down. “He should be to the west entrance, we’re trying to deal with him.” .. Trying.

“Trying? Hn. Come on Anna, I’m not going alone, lets go.” She said and grabbed her friends wrist gently and tugged her out of her house.

Anna followed after, but not after grabbing her bows and arrows, and ninja headband that was catching dust and more, tying it around her neck. It had been so long since she last wore it.

Ren walked further and quicker, “Hey, why haven’t you guys told me this?” Ren asked Iruka and Anna, curious as to why they didn’t say.

“Anna said not too.” Iruka said, looking to said person. “I thought he was here to hurt or take Rei away. Or hurt you or something. I just don't trust Itachi right now. He wouldn’t come here for simply no reason.. I need to find the reason he came- before I would tell you he was here.. but that wasn’t the case this time...” Anna mumbled. “I just didn’t want you to get hurt.” Anna said quickly then bowed. “I’m really sorry Ren-san!”

“Its okay Anna, I know, you were just trying to protect me and my daughter.” Ren said as the gate came into the view, “Well... Lets handle whatever he wants.” Ren said as she dragged Anna through the field of jounin.

“Itachi!” Anna called, and looked at the raven haired individual. “Ren is here, so shut up and speak.”

Ren looked at Anna, “Are you sure you're not Usagi? You're acting a bit much like her...” Ren said not even paying attention to the Uchiha, rather looking at her friend.

“No.. I’m Anna.. Anna is Anna... I’m just.. I’m.. I’m protective.” She mumbled blushing.

“AWW~ So cute~ Now Uchiha, what do you want from me?” Ren asked as she was hugging Anna.

Itachi looked at Ren and gestured her to come forward. “Ren, I need to talk to you privately please.” He said and walked off to a corner. Anna glared at him.

Ren smiled at Anna, “Calm down, I’ll make your stones shine if I need your help.” She said before sighing and following him, Kakashi filling in the spot Ren had been, putting an arm on Anna’s shoulders.

Itachi looked at Ren quietly as they were at a nice quiet place. “So.” Itachi started. “How is Rei?” Itachi started.

Ren shrugged, “She’s fine, She’s been training quite a bit.” Ren said before narrowing hers, “Just cut to the chase, what do you want?” She asked crossing her arms.

“I want to see her and be with her for a while.” Itachi started. He looked into Ren’s eyes. “I may not have as much time to really see, my eyesights getting worse, and I want to be there for my daughter.” He saw Ren was about to snap so quickly continued. “I know I havent been the best anything, but I just want to make it up to her. Let her know her father better. Let me get to know her better?”

Ren narrowed her eyes more, “Oh Really? What's the sudden change? Just because you’re losing your eyesight you don’t think you could be her father? Huh? Why now? Are you really losing your eyesight?” She asked him.

“I.. I almost died in a fight a week ago.. my eyes failed me for a moment and I thought it would have been the end. And I realized.. I realized how bad of a.. a boyfriend.. husband, and- and father.. that.. I never got to know my own daughter. I. I quit the Akatsuki. I’m done with it. I barely got out alive, Leader-sama knows that I’m gone. He almost killed me.. but.. he didn’t. I don’t know why. But I just want to actually do something with my life. With my daughter. If you would let me.” Itachi said, his eyes were tearing and his heart was breaking with each confession.

Ren’s eyes softened and noted he truly didn’t have his Akatsuki cloak before walking towards him and put a hand on his dirty cheek, “Okay, but I’m not letting you die, and we’ll have to deal with Sasuke and Anna, and Usagi. You’ll be questioned and most likely put in my care, but Rei will be happy to have you here, I’ll allow it. Sayoko has been working on how to fix your eyes and her eyes, and Rei’s eyes, come on lets go back now.” Ren said and took his hand and began to walk away with him.

Itachi wiped his sad eyes with his free hand and stopped, keeping her there for a moment. “I-I.. I’m not sure if you would ever forgive me for all I’ve done. But.. I still want you to know that ever since that day that.. That I killed you, and found out you were alive. I never stopped loving you..” Itachi said, squeezing her hand once before letting her drag them off as he looked down to the ground. He wouldn’t be as emotionless as before. He needs to communicate and he knows it.

“I know this Itachi, We’ll talk about our feelings after we get you into the village, okay?” She said and turning towards him slightly and going to the gate.

Itachi nodded silently, looking down at everyone’s gaze as they entered the Village. Anna and Kakashi ran forwards to greet the Ren but stopped in their tracks when they saw Itachi.

“Anna, Kakashi, let him in, there is a grave discussion we need to do, he’s... Uh... Dying.” Ren said, swallowing a lump in her throat and looking at Anna, “He’s losing his eyesight as well.” She added.

Kakashi didn’t seem to want to but Anna pulled him to the side, letting Itachi and Ren pass. “I hope you’ll feel better.. Itachi-san.. And.. and welcome back.” She mumbled, looking at the two.

Ren and Itachi both nodded and mumbled a thanks, Ren walked along the streets to the Hokage tower to see Tsunade. Ren barged into her office, “Tsunade! Remember that little favor you promised me? I’m calling it in now!” Ren said still holding Itachi’s hand.

“What the hell are you- What is he doing in here!?” Tsunade shouted glaring at her a little bit. Ren sighed and glared at all of the Ninja in there, who immediately left, “That favor, Itachi is dying and losing his eyesight, I want him here, he almost died leaving the Akatsuki, let him live here and look for a cure, Rei needs her Dad.” Ren said after she had sat Itachi down.

Tsunade sighed. “I would need him to be interrogated, and on probation. Much of the population wouldn’t like having a former Akatsuki Criminal here, so he would have to change his last name.. to.. whatever you’d like I suppose, or he doesn't have to. It's his choice, but it would be for the best.” Tsunade said, sighing and taking another sip of her sake.

Ren shook her head and sighed, “Yes I suppose you are right, but Sasuke will recognize him, we’ll need to get his sister to keep them from fighting, but I think it’ll be futile to change his last name, theres Danzo, remember? So the interrogation, yes and probation yes, as long as he is in my care.” Ren said, standing in front of her desk.

“Is that so? Then you will have full responsibility over him, and all of his actions?” Tsunade asked, giving Ren a stern look. She knew that Ren could be responsible when she had to be. When she had to be.

“Yes, I will, he can help Ren with her ocular ninjutsu, and May’s... Yeah, so I need you to look him over, you realize this right?” Ren asked her, glancing out the window slightly.

Tsunade nodded. “I’ll have Mirocha Interrogate him after he feels better. Ibiki would just make things worse.” She said, and continued. “Take Itachi to the hospital and get him taken care of first, he’ll receive the criminal bindings however, just for precautionary measures.” Tsunade started, saying only what was the best for her people.

“Yes, of course.” Ren said and nodded and took Itachi’s hand, “Lets go Itachi.” She said softly, glancing at Tsunade again.

Tsunade gave Ren a sad smile, and waved them off, going back to her drunken habits. “Stupid S-Ranked Criminals being bi-polar and lovey-dovey. Knowing my stupid weakness..” She mumbled to herself as the door shut.

~Time skip~

Ren was in the kitchen, washing the lunch dishes as Itachi slept on the couch, sure it wasn’t too wise to have him sleeping in the living room when the kid could come home any minute.

“Oka-san! I’m home!” Naruto called, along with the chatter of five other voices. May, Rei, Sakura, Sage and Kyler- and Sai who wasn’t speaking. Yamato was quietly following them all, wanting to see how Ren was doing, for he hadn’t heard any news from her for a while. They all walked into the living room and stopped. “OKA-SAN WHO IS THE STRANGER SLEEPING ON THE COUCH?!” The 14 Year old Rei yelled.

Ren could hear Itachi groan and sit up, before she rushed in, “Kitchen now, all of you! He needs to sleep, you four, keep quiet.” Ren snapped, pointing at Sakura, Yamato and Naruto. They followed and went to the kitchen, Rei asked questions, “Sit and I will explain.” Ren snapped.

They all sat, some on the counter, chairs and floors. Ren took in a deep breath. “Okay, he’s back and he’s staying here.” Ren said, addressing the older kids before she was going to talk with Rei.

“Who’s back? Who is ‘he’?” Rei asked in confusion but was ignored, while Naruto looked shocked. “HE’S- He’s back? When did he get back?” He yelled then quickly changed to a whisper of a yell.

“He got back here a few days ago, Anna didn’t tell me until Iruka came running in and things- but he’s staying here under my probation. Naruto, you don’t know the real reason; he did the things he did.” Ren explained before looking at Rei, “‘He’ Is Uchiha Itachi, your father, and Naruto, you will be good as long as he is here.” Ren said.

“My... my father?” Rei mumbled to herself. She was happy, angry, and sad at the same time. Happy. He’s back! Angry. Why did he chose to come back now? Sad. Why wasn’t he here before? Rei slumped over and tried to process things. ‘He did look so similar to me..’ She thought to herself.

Ren put a hand on Rei’s shoulder, “Are you okay honey?” She asked concerned for her daughter, “Naruto, everyone, go out back with some leftover lunch, I need to talk with Rei alone.” Ren said as they all did as told.

“I’m.. fine.. Just.. Just shocked.” Rei mumbled. “For.. Fourteen years. I... I never really met him.. person to person.. and now he. He just. He just shows up?! Expecting what? He wants to be a nice father- right? He maybe feels bad or something for abandoning us- Right? He’s being selfish and is doing this so he can feel better about himself- isn’t that right? I mean- it makes so much sense! Theres no other reason! Why would. Would that. That. B-Bastard! Return anyways?!” Rei almost yelled, pointing to the livingroom. She was in her angry phase, but tears ran down her face. “Why is he here?” She growled somewhat upset. She was happy, she really was. But Rei just needed some time to process what was going on.

Ren hugged her, “Rei, you remember that old bed time story I told you? The one about the brave man who sacrificed his life for his brother?” Once Rei Nodded but looked up, confused, “What does that got to do with anything?” She asked confused, “ That was your father’s story, he sacrificed everything for his brother and us.” Ren said, “He’s back now and he’s... not well. He is also going blind like you. Come on- he’s up and listening to us, are you okay to talk to him?” She asked Rei, looking down at her.

Rei wiped her eyes slowly and nodded her head slowly, sniffing and walked into the living room followed by her mother. She looked to see Itachi was awake and leaning on the back of the couch.

“Itachi, meet Rei. Rei meet Itachi, your dad.” Ren said sitting on the couch beside him and pulling Rei next to her so she was in the middle of them.

“H-Hi.. you’re my-” heerroooic “-father.. huh.. Well. Nice to meet you.. I suppose. I’m Rei MIshina Namikaze Uchiha Uzumaki. But Oka-san only uses my full name when I’m in trouble, like setting the waffles on fire, or letting toes out of the fridge. Toes is this chicken that likes to peck our toes, which is why we named him toes. But toes might be a girl so we don't really k-” She saw Itachi smile softly with a soft look in his eyes at this and thats when Rei stopped in mid sentence of her next ramble of a topic. Itachi loved her. Rei couldn’t stop the tears that went to her eyes and wiped at them frantically.

Ren smiled and sniffed, “Rei, you know its okay to cry, its not weak, Right Itachi?” She asked him, her arms wrapped around Rei tightly and looking at Itachi, “What I mean is, when Rei was young she heard Sayoko say to me, crying is for weak Shinobi, Rei believes that she’s weak when she cries so she tries to cover it up.” Ren explained to Itachi.

“Its alright to cry, Rei. Crying just means that you’re human. And emotions are made so that people are able to make mistakes, and learn.” Itachi said giving a sad look to her. With that Rei burst into tears and hugged her father, hiding her face into his chest. “I thought you didn’t love us.” She cried, and Itachi looked almost horrified at the thought, putting his hand on his daughter’s back and patting it, letting her cry. And he joined with it. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered, almost unsure if she would hear.

Ren stared and sniffed at the two, “You two are so damn cute!” Ren said smiling and rubbing her own eyes and glancing out the window and noticed they were all sitting around the table, “I-i’m just gonna leave you guys be.” Ren said getting up.

Itachi nodded hearing Ren, but continued crying with Rei. “I’m so sorry. I never thought you felt that way.” He mumbled to her, and let her cry harder.

Rei sniffled and nodded, “B-but you never tried to see us or anything, Why? Why couldn’t you when you tried taking Naruto away? Why?” She asked, hugging him more, her face was wet from her crying.

“I’m so sorry. I just didn’t think you wanted an S-Ranked Criminal like me for a Father.. but. I missed out on so much. I feel so bad. I want to make up for everything that I’ve done. Only if you would let me.” Itachi cried into his daughter’s hair. “I would do anything to make it up to you and your mother.”

“Then stay with us! Don’t leave us! Be my dad! Marry my mom, give me more siblings, teach me new jutsus, please, just don’t leave me. I’ve needed you all my life, so be here for me now, daddy.” She said into his chest, Ren was watching the two before tackling them both in a hug and sobbing with them, outside you could hear Naruto getting up but zapped by the fire force field, just to make sure he didn’t see them all crying.

They all cried for a while, and when they finished Itachi took Ren’s hand. “Would you like to- later that is- go out on a date with me, and try again?” He asked then looked at Rei with sad, yet happy eyes. “I’m so glad that you’ve given me a second chance. I don't think I know what I would have done if you hadn’t.” He wiped his eyes with his free hand. “I missed out on so much.” He mumbled to himself now. {Done ;u; It's not only sad and cute, but it's kinda heartwarming}

Ren nodded as Rei clung to them both, “At least you came back Otou-san.” Rei said into his chest, sitting on her mom and Dads lap, “You know Rei, you're a little big for this.” Ren said, but the girl only shrugged and clung to her dad, “Oh Itachi, Yes I’ll go on a date with you, try again, but you realise, Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Anko, Anna, Usagi, Hunter, Koneko, Them outside, will be watching us the entire Date?” Ren said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I don't.. I don't think it would matter as long as I would be with you.” Itachi sighed. “If thats what I would have to go through to gain people’s trust, and be able to be with you two. Then I would do it so many times over and over again.” Itachi said, nodding to himself. {Done}

Ren nodded with a smile on her lips, “Okay, then we can go whenever you wish to go, or when Rei lets you go...” Ren said and pointed at their daughter who was clinging to his shirt tightly, not willing to let go anytime soon.

“Im just afraid..” Rei sniffed. “If I let go, then you would leave and wouldn’t come,” She sniffed again. “-Come Back.” Itachi frowned and patted her head. “I won't leave you guys ever again.” He said to her. Rei then reluctantly let go of his shirt. {Done}

Ren patted Rei’s back, “I think you should go clean your face up and then eat some food, okay Rei?” Ren suggested to her, which of course Rei sniffled and shrugged, “He’ll be here when you get back, I promise, don’t worry.” Ren said as Rei nodded and stood up, walking slowly to the bathroom, looking behind her every few steps as she went to the bathroom. “I hope you slept okay, they sorta woke you up, right?” Ren asked Itachi, ignoring the shouted of Naruto directed at Sai.

Itachi nodded slowly, wiping at his eyes to dry them. “Yeah, but it's alright, it isn’t the first time it’s happened.” Itachi said sighing. He’s just glad to be back. He’s glad to be accepted by everyone who he caused pain to. He’s glad that he can get a second chance and set things right.

Ren nodded, “Well, you can either share a room with me, or I can have Rei and Rowan share a room, we are packed, considering I have my team living with us now.” Ren said, leaning back into the fluffy brown couch.

“I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with you.. the only problem would be the awkwardness..
Itachi mumbled to himself. “I could sleep on the couch if anything- really. I don’t want too be too much of an inconvenience.” He said, shrugging. {Done}

Ren rolled her eyes at him, “No, Its okay if you want to share a room, but you are not sleeping on the couch, we can share a bed (The pervyness that enters ones mind at that o.e) but you know I will end up cuddling you, just a fair warning.” Ren said before standing up and looking out the window, “YOU GUYS CAN COME IN NOW!” She shouted out to them.

Itachi blinked for a few moments dazed, and nodded. Everyone entered the house as the forcefield lowered itself. Naruto ran in first. “ARE YOU GUYS OKAY?!” He yelled. {Done}

“Oh my Kami, Naruto, I’m fine! We’re all fine.” Ren said rolling her eyes and crossing her arms, “He’s a good guy, okay? Itachi, do you want to explain the real reason you killed your clan? Or are you not ready yet?” Ren asked him.

Itachi looked to the side then to Naruto. “It was on the orders of.. Danzo.. who ordered the Hokage to order me.. to kill them all. There was going to be a rebellion of the Uchiha clan. They wanted power, they were arrogant. I was the double agent of Konaha.. If it had been someone else. They wouldn’t have let Sasuke live. I love my little brother.” Itachi said, his voice cracking at the end of it. {done}

Ren looked at Naruto and Sakura who were sniffling before they hugged him, “OH MY KAMI! YOU'RE THE BEST BIG BROTHER IN THE WORLD!” Naruto screamed loudly and hugged him with tears, “You're such a sweet Uchiha! Cute too!” Sakura shouted, “He’s mine Sakura.” Ren said in the background with evil aura surrounding her. “Kidding.” Sakura added laughing slightly as she stared at Naruto and pulled him off of Itachi.
Rei returned and smiled in the total background next to Sai who looked at her. “So how is it to have an S-Ranked criminal as a father?” Rei shrugged. “It could have been worse I suppose.” She said shrugging. {Done}

“She’s got that right, he couldn’t have come back at all! But he did, why did he?” Naruto asked Ren who sighed, “He’s going blind and he’s sick, very sick, thats why you all have to behave yourselves around him, understood!” Ren said sternly to them all.

“No it's fine. I shouldn’t get any special treatment or anything. I just want to make up for all I’ve missed.” Itachi said, giving a weak and almost unnoticeable smile.

“Yeah, well, too bad so sad, you're sick and we’ll be your nurses!” Naruto shouted and suddenly everyone was in a nurses uniform, except him, he was in a doctors uniform, “What... The... Hell?” Ren said, “How? No I give up, I don’t want to know.” Ren said shaking her head.

“Hey! This Nurse uniform makes me look Sexaayyy!!” Rei said and laughed to herself. “MAGICAL UNICORN POWERS ACTIVATE! NARUTO GET RAMEN! WE NEED TEA AND LOTS OF IT! MAYBE SOME PLANTS TOO! BUT NOT POISONIS ONES BECAUSE THEY”RE- MFMFMmfmfmfmfmmfmm.” Sai put his hand over Rei’s mouth.

“She was hurting my ears.” He stated in monotone.

“Hands off my daughter Sai.” Ren growled at Sai, “I will rip off what ever genitle you have, understood? I’m pretty sure you don’t want us after you Sai.” Ren said with the evil aura again.

“I would listen to her, if I were you.” Itachi said, also glaring at him. Sai removed his hand and shrugged. Sakura had stars in her eyes. “You would make the best father ever!” She squealed

“Well thats what he’s here for, to be her dad.” Ren said glaring, she still had the nurses uniform on and stood possessively next to Itachi, “And you stick to chasing Sasuke, Sakura.” She said in a lethal tone.

“Y-Yes Ren-sama!” Sakura said, and gave an awkward smile to her. Naruto laughed to himself. “Ha-ha! Sakura-chan’s in trouble.

Ren glared slightly, “Well, who is.... I don’t know what to say to you people anymore.” Ren said shaking her head and sitting onto the couch and look at everyone.


Ren and Itachi sat in a booth in a resturant. They were on their date. The waitress walked up to the two and asked them, “So, any drinks?” Itachi and Ren ordered water, and looked through their menus.

“This is nice, I’m happy nobody has recognized you yet, otherwise people would be whispering and glaring at us both.” Ren said and sighed, she smiled over her menu at him, “But how are you so far?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” Itachi said simply. “How about you? How have you been? And everyone else?” He asked Ren, more interested in her, as he found what he needed and put the menu down. It had been a long while since he had been in the Leaf.

Ren shrugged, “They're good, I’m... Okay... Anna and Kakashi are together and have a son, Usagi and Hunter.... Not sure what they are, but I’m pretty sure they’re together.” Ren said shrugging, being vague about herself, “Oh, Jiraiya is going to want to speak with you, maybe have a talk with you, he grew close to Rei, Rei actually traveled with Naruto and him.” Ren said smiling slightly and putting her menu down.

“Is that so..? Thats nice. They’re really close, huh?” Itachi didn’t exactly ask, more of a statement then anything. “And for Kakashi, well.. I didn’t exactly think he had it in him.” Itachi said smiling a little.

“Yeah, I’m surprised too, he’s very protective of Anna and Shijima. But yeah, they are pretty close, you know, you still need to deal with your brother right? What are you going to do about him?” She asked him, cocking her head to the side.

Itachi sighed. “I’ll just have to tell him the truth. I should see him as soon as possible though. Before anyone tells him I’m here. But we need to make sure he won't try to kill me. Because that. Would. Suck.” Itachi sighed, Ren laughed at his wording.

“Yes, We’ll have to talk with Tsunade about this, he has his own team, I’m afraid he might go to the Akatsuki or Tobi.” Ren said, frowning slightly, “Don’t worry, Naruto, Rei and Sakura will find him and put him back together, we’ll have Sayoko come out here, remember.” Ren said, patting his hand.

Itachi nodded to himself and asked. “How is Sayoko? I don't think I’ve really heard of her.”

Ren shrugged, “She’s Sayoko, she’s good, fights with Jashin almost all of the time, but she’s pretty good, she has medicine for her eyes and Rei’s eyes, she’s going to have to test your eyes with it now.” Ren explained.

Itachi nodded again to himself. “I’d like to meet her.. and her boyfriend Jashin.” Ren looked shocked for a moment, and began to laugh. “B-Boyfriend?!” Itachi didn’t remove his look of indifference. “Yeah, if they fight so much, they must make up- and out. Right?”

“Well... Yeah I guess you are right.” Ren said giggling and covering her mouth, “I’ve never thought of that.” Ren admitted to him and shrugged as the waitress came and asked them for there food, “Ongiri and Dango please.” Ren said smiling at her. {Done Very Happy}

“Spicy Curry please.” Itachi asked polietly, and handed their menus to the waitress. He looked back to Ren and smiled. “Did Rei have her first boyfriend?” He was entering his protective father mode. {Done}

“Well no, she likes Shijima, but both are very shy... When it comes to dating, plus, Naruto is like an overprotective brother so there's that too.” Ren said and smiled slyly, “Are you being protective of her?” She asked bluntly. {Done~}

“H’n.” Itachi meerly said, looking down. Soon the waitor arrived with their foods and Itachi ate slowly and carefully, {DONE}

Ren watched him slightly, eating her own food. It was tasty, she liked it, “Itachi, who exactly almost killed you?” She asked quietly. {Done~}

“I was training with Kisame and ended up zoning out too much while thinking about.. you.” Itachi sighed to himself.

“Really? You zoned out? As I remember back when we would train I would be the one zoning out and you ending up pinning me down.” Ren said smirking slightly, trying not to laugh, she vaguely remembered that Kisame was a shark man, she did NOT want to meet him. {Done}

“Its not like I meant to..” Itachi mumbled blushing. “Infact you should apologize to me.” He said, trying to keep a straight face

“Apologize? For what?” She asked leaning forward and glaring slightly at him, amusement still in her eyes.

“For- damn this is going to sound corny but true- Being in my thoughts and making me think about nothing but you.” Itachi sighed to himself, and ate more from his food.

Ren couldn’t help but smile at that and giggled, “Really? Well I’m sorry then, you always are on my mind too ya’ know.” She said, eating some of her own food.

“And would that be a good or bad thing then?” Itachi asked, closing his eyes with a smirk. {Done}

“Mm, a good thing.” She said smiling and shrugging, “A very good thing actually.” She said nodding.

“H’n. Then I’m honored to be in your thoughts.” Itachi said and smiled a bit before eating some more and taking a drink of his water. “Who is Shijima by the way? You said Rei and Shijima were shy. Who is the man I should have a talk with?”

Ren smiled and nodded, “Well, Shijima is Anna and Kakashi’s son, he looks like Anna and Kakashi mixed, he’s very nice and shy.” Ren said smiling softly and sipping her water.

“H’n? Then I shouldn’t worry as much?” Itachi asked, rasing his eyebrow in slight worry.

“Well... I don’t know... Maybe, she does have a fan club following her around most of the time.” Ren said shrugging and finishing her food.

“H’n. I welcome her to the club.” Itachi stated with a smile, soon finishing his food too.

Ren rolled her eyes, “You know your fan club has probably disbanded by now.” Ren said shrugging and looking around briefly.

“Is that so?” Itachi asked and flipped his hair softly, earning screams from across the room, where he glanced to see a few girls drooling.

Ren turned slightly and glared, “Well then, I suppose we both have fan clubs.” She said and pulled a blush and looking shy, earning male screams.

“Well then I know something that can get rid of both of our problems. If you want that is..” Itachi said, half closing his eyes. “What?” Ren asked. “Yes or No?”

“Well... I suppose, sure.” Ren said before shrugging and letting him do whatever he wanted.

Itachi leaned closer to her and gestured for her to come closer as well. When she did, he kissed her causing both of the groups to scream and the manager of the restaurant to kick the fan groups out. He leaned back with a small but smug look on his face.

Ren blushed and covered her lips with her hand, “O-oh, so thats what you wanted to do, it worked.” She said nodding and still blushing.

“H’n.” He stated with a happy look in his eyes. “You’re still as adorable as I last remember.” He stated and looked down to his empty plate.

Ren covered her red face and peeked at him through her fingers, “Stop saying those things, my face can’t get redder.” Ren said blushing and looking down before the waitress came with their check.

“Here you go- will there be anything else?” The waitress asked handing Itachi the check. Itachi smirked and looked at Ren who still had her hands over her face. “Would you like anything else, honey?”

Ren blushed more and shot him a glare, “No, I’m good, thank you, baby.” She said sweetly and smiling, she stood up, “Well lets go somewhere else?” She asked him.

“Sure.” Itachi said, paying the bill and taking Ren’s hand and pulling her out of the Resturant before meeting a whole army of fan..mobs.

“Oh holy shit.” Ren said and clung to his arm, “What should we do?” She asked him, looking at all of them.

“Run... Or Make-out?” Itachi asked with a smug smile.

Ren thought for a moment, “Lets tease them >:3” She said, choosing to make-out rather then run.

“Well okay then.” Itachi said and kissed her. “STOP IT ITACHI-BAKA!!” Usagi’s voice rang out and Itachi was kicked to the floor. All the fangirls and boys stopped in shock and watched, until Anna came out with the most biggest glare possible and everyone cowered from the aura and sped off

Ren glared at Usagi and Anna before helping him up, “What was that?” She asked them both,checking over him to make sure he was okay, she was his nurse after all ;DD

“He was kissing you!” Usagi growled, pointing at Itachi. Anna didnt make a move to help Itachi, until he would explain himself.

Ren sighed and rubbed her forehead as she stood up with Itachi, “You know, people who are dating kiss, you do know that right?” Ren asked them sighing and shaking her head at the girls.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!” Usagi yelled. “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!? WHY WAS I NOT INVITED?!” She screamed.

“This is our first real, real date, Usagi, calm down.” Ren said shaking her head, “I was going to tell you tomorrow but I figured you all we’re gonna follow us.” Ren said and shook her head.

“Oh...” Usagi stated in confusion. “Then.. its.. okay..?”

“Yes, Its fine, we were trying to mess with the fans, I’m okay, Really, he doesn’t have shinobi powers currently, I’d show you the marks proving it but I don’t want anyone else seeing him.” She said, she was a bit jealous.

“Why not?” Usagi asked giving Ren a smirk.

“Because, your not allowed to see.” She said, glaring slightly at her friend.

“Why not?” Usagi pushed harder.

“Because I said so!” Ren said glaring some more.

“Why do you say sooo?” Usagi pushed just a little more with a smug smile.

“You know Usagi, how would you feel if I was looking at your boyfriends chest?” Ren asked glaring still.

“What Boyfriend?” Usagi asked grinning more.

“Fuck. You.” She said before turning on her heel and began to walk away while dragging Itachi with her.

“Hey! D: Come back!” Usagi called, “I’M SORRY! DDDD: “ The fangroup dispersed after Anna glared at them for a few moments.

“What do you want?” Ren asked, turning around and looking at the girls with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

“Nothing nothing! I just-” Usagi was interrupted by her younger twin. “Can I please speak to Itachi for a second?” Anna gave a forced smile which seemed to have a dark aura around it. {Done}

“Sure...” Ren said nodding and backing away, Itachi looked over at Anna, biting his lip, waiting for her to snap at him and tell him never to see Ren again.

Anna took Itachi by the collar of his shirt and brought his face close to hers. “If you ever hurt Ren, or Rei, I’ll break your arms, rip of your legs, feed them to rats then take your eyeballs out slowly and painfully.” Anna continued with such detailed threats, making Itachi pale with each one- with wide eyed. He never knew Anna had such a dark side to her. “Then I’ll take a stick and poke your brain though your eyeholes. Last but not least. I’ll set you to fire. Got it?” She said then made a frozen smile that made Itachi almost piss himself. “Y-Yes Anna-s-sama!” Itachi saluted. Anna put him down and pushed him towards Ren “Good.”

Ren sweatdropped, “Really guys? Really? Leave him be, he knows that if he hurts us he’ll die.” Ren said sighing and taking the scared shitless Itachi’s hand, “Now, we’re going to our old secret place, leave us be now, please.” Ren said,

“Alright!” Usagi and Anna said and waved to them.

Ren sighed and waved back before pulling him away and running away from her cray cray friends, who she was surprised didn’t say to use protection because like... Its Usagi and Anna...

Itachi sighed as they ran. “Is Anna-s-sama always that scary?” He stuttered somewhat in fear.

“No, She’s just mad you’re back and such, and because you want to be back in mine and Rei’s lives after hurting us, well... More me, but Anna’s protective.” Ren explained with a sigh.

“I wonder how Kakashi can deal with her in that state..” He mumbled in confusion.

“He doesn’t, he runs away with his son and goes to the onsen or my house.” Ren said shrugging at that.

Itachi laughed. “Sounds like him.” He put an arm around Ren’s shoulder. “So where would you like to go to now?”

“You remember that old house in the woods we were gonna work on and make our official house? Once we were this age, so I had worked on it after you left... Would you like to see it now?” She asked him, blushing slightly and leaning into him.

Itachi nodded to himself, looking dazed and shocked. “H’n.” He nodded more. “I can't believe you continued. Even after all this time.”

“Well... Yeah...” Ren said shrugging and blushing, “I wanted to continue, ya’ know, just in case you did ever come back.” She said quietly.

“And I’m glad you did.” Itachi said and smiled. “Lets go.”

“Of course.” Ren said nodding and pulled him towards the house.

“Wow.” Was all he said in shock. “You really did a great job.” He continued. Ren smiled and looked proud. And she had a reason to be.

“Thank you, I still need to do a few other things, maybe you can help?” She asked him smiling.

“H’n. Lets get started.” Itachi said with a smile. “What should I do first?” He asked.

She smiled, “We don’t have to start now, but I need help with the ceiling.” She said taking him inside.

“What about the cieling?” Itachi asked. {Done}

Ren turned his head to see the big hole that was caused a long time ago by Sasuke and Naruto, “Your brother and Naruto caused that...” Ren said sighing.

Itachi chuckled. “How did they manage to do that?” He asked, eyeing the hole in the cieling with a smile, then looked to Ren who was also smiling to herself as she recalled the memory.

“Naruto and Sasuke got in a big fight, then ended up throwing a bunch of brick through it, I don’t even know why they had bricks up there.” She said laughing slightly and leaning against him.

“It sounds like them.” Itachi said smiling softly and leaning his head on her. “Do you have any paper bags or something to patch it up with for now?” Itachi asked.

“Yeah, I believe so.” Ren said and went off into a hallway to find some for him.

Itachi looked around the house and noticed that it was somewhat dusty and was molding slightly. He would have to fix it later. Perhaps as a surprise to Ren, while she doesn’t know. How he’d manage? Well.. Eventually he’d suppose. As he waited for her to return he just smiled to himself quietly.

Ren came back with a few, “Here, this is all I had, sorry.” She said and sighing, rolling up her sleeves because of the heat in the house.

He smiled and took the items and thanked her before getting a chair and patching the cieling easily. It didn’t take too long and he soon finished. “Is there anything else you need help with?” He asked.

Ren shrugged, “I’m not too sure, I’d have to see how much storm damage we have in here.” She said shrugging and sighing, “Well, what do you think needs to be worked on? Upstairs I still have to finish my room and Rei’s room and Naruto’s room.” Ren said sighing.

“Wow, you really have this all planned out, huh?” Itachi wondered in shock.

“Well yeah, do you want to help me still? I have a lot to do and so little time with a war approaching.” Ren said sighing and sitting on the ground.

“Yeah, sure.”

~Time skip~

It had been at least a month since the Uchiha was back, Rei had turned into his little princess, Ren had become... Ren... But she seemed happier, she’d take smaller missions to leave Itachi alone, like right now, Ren was catching a few stray cats and Itachi was home with Rei and Usagi, Anna, And Naruto.

Anna was sleeping on the carpet with Naruto next to her. Usagi and Rei were watching T.V, and Itachi just sat on the couch watching the scene in content. Anna didn’t seem to hate Itachi anymore. She was just weary of him now, and went back to her quiet self. Naruto liked Itachi as long as he was good to everyone and Rei was happy to have him back.

Ren walked inside a little while later with scratches on her face and arms, “I. Hate. Being. A. Ninja.” Ren said and walking over to the couch and falling on top of them all.

“REN! YOUR FAT ASS IS KILLING ME!” Usagi cried. Wiggling from underneath Ren. Naruto woke up and Anna stayed asleep. Itachi just looked amused.

“Ahh.” Ren said and fell off the couch, some of the scratches were bleeding, “I don’t wanna live anymore ;w;” Ren said and sighing and curling up into a ball.

“I’ll get the first aid kit.” Usagi sighed, going to the kitchen. “It was those evil cats! Weren’t they?!” Naruto yelled, (but Anna still didn’t stir).

“YES! IT WAS! Ugh I just wanna die though.” Ren said, just flopping around, just flopping like a fish out of water, “I hit my head too.” She said.

“Why do you want to die, mommy?” Rei asked in confusion. Itachi also seemed curious, but didn’t ask.

Ren shook her head, “Because so far this week has sucked, my bathroom sink broke and sprayed me in the face, then cats attacked me, I almost snapped at Danzo in a meeting yesterday and yuh, so far this sucks.” Ren said and rolled over.

“Well. Cats always hate you.” Ren glared at Usagi who entered and said so. “What? I’m just stating facts.” Ren sighed. “And the sink was creaking, so it was bound to break as well.” Naruto added, getting a glare as well. “Not. Helping.” Ren sighed.

Ren shook her head and then started to crawl away, “I’m going to go die in my room now, bye all, have nice lives.” Ren said and crawled away from them all and up the stairs.

Itachi got up and followed after her without a word, joining her in the bedroom.

“What do you want?” Ren asked face down on the bed, trying to suffocate herself without actually doing work.

Itachi moved next to Ren and put his face into her shoulder. “To be with you, why? Am I not allowed?” He whispered to her with a smirk.

“No you're allowed, but I just wanna die, this week is officially one of the worst.” Ren said and sighed, even though her face was beet red.

“Would you like me to make it better?” Itachi said seductivly nuzzeling his nose onto her neck with a bigger smirk.

Ren froze and turned towards him suspiciously, “And what do you want from it? As in, if I let you help me, what will I owe you?” She asked him, her eyes narrowed.

“Nothing really. Infact,” He moved closer to her ear and whispered as quietly and seductively as he could, “It would be fun for both of us.”

“What is it?” Ren asked with a sigh and just laying there. {Done NOW DO THE IDEA!}

“Lets..” Itachi made a long pause. “Go.. to.” Itachi smirked against her skin. “The Carnival.” {DONE Very Happy}

“I hate you sometimes, but okay, sounds good.” Ren said before she rolls off of the bed and landed with a loud thud, “Ouuucchhhhh.” She said sighing.

“You could have just rolled into my arms.” Itachi said sarcastically, pushing himself into a sitting position.

“Yeah well... Come over here and carry me now to the carnival >:C” Ren said, her hand banging on the floor.

Itachi laughed and walked over to her and picked her up, then throwed her over his shoulder. “Hey!” Ren protested. “You’re too fat to hold over my shoulder.” Itachi said sarcastically holding back a laugh.

“Kay, now I’m going to be anorexic :C Just take me to the carnival and let me just... Go be fat.” Ren said, not even moving anymore.

“Are you dead?” No answer. Itachi smacked Ren’s butt softly.

“WOAH, WOAH! MAN, dude, we’ve only been going out for a month!” Ren shouted not even forming proper grammar and blushing harshly.

“I was merely making sure you were still alive, because you weren’t responding.” Itachi said, smiling to himself cheekily, because Ren couldn’t see his expression. Only his Ass.

“You know.... Your ass looks toned Very Happy” Ren said.

“H-H’n.” Itachi blushed and tried not to give away that he was flattered, but he tensed up for a bit, kind of giving it away to Ren.

Ren giggled, “Iiiiiiiiiiii, gooooootttt youuuuuu, you’re blushing! I can see it in my mirror!” Ren shouted cheering to herself and clapping happily.

“What are- are you talking about?” Itachi inwardly cursed. He’s not supposed to stutter! Uchihas. Don't. Stutter.

“YES! YOU STUTTERED! HAHAHAHA YOU'RE BLUSHING! YOU'RE EMBARRASSED, YOU'RE THE MOST CHARISMATIC UCHIHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ren screamed and laughed more and more and louder, making sure that everyone could hear.

“R-Ren Shut up.” Itachi asked quickly, taking her from his shoulder and holding her bridal style. Supposedly suffocating her with his chest.

Ren tried pulling away, “Stop, Let me go! Uchiha!” She shouted coughing.

“Why would I do that? You’re the one who asked me to hold you in the first place.” Itachi said smiling down at her. “Isn’t that right? Miss Ren Namikaze Uchiha Uzumaki?”

“Uchiha?” Ren asked blinking and moving her face so it wasn’t suffocating in his chest, “Why’d you call me Uchiha? And I wanted you to let me breath.” Ren said shaking her head slightly.

“Well, if Rei’s an Uchiha, then so are you.” Itachi stated, not telling her the double meaning behind it.

“No, Thats not it, there more than that, Tell me now Itachi.” Ren said sternly, she wanted to know, and she wasn’t as dumb as she led on.

“What more then that?” Itachi was a great actor. “I’m merely stating that if Rei is an Uchiha, then you are also an Uchiha. Isn’t that right?” Itachi said, still smiling a bit.

Ren sighed, “No, Rei uses that as a middle name sometimes, in order to freak kids out, she tells them shes an Uchiha back from the dead, I don’t have the last name Uchiha, you know that.” She said, glaring slightly and shaking her head.

“Why don’t I give you it then?” Itachi said with an egofilled smirk. He moved a strand of hair out of Ren’s face and smirked down at her as they soon neared the carnival.

I finished it up x3

Its pretty funny, and the kind of pevy parts are mine o3o


I loovee Naruto ouo


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