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Daily Diary~ (December 15- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (December 15- 2012)

Post  Anna on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:01 am

I missed you gais.

I wrote SadStuck ouo

Its mineee




In this headcanon. I warn you about feels.

First off. In this. SadStuck. The comic, is just a RolePlay that the four Beta Kids started with one another meeting online in their lonley lives.

Lets start off with the Beta Kids! O3O

John is sickly and as a result of that he is homeschooled by his father who is a busy buisness man. But whenever he has the chance, he likes to bake cakes for John. John learned how to play the piano when his father taught him how.

Rose is a young girl who is smart, but because of her delusions and diff rent ways of looking at things she was bullied to the point of having to drop out and take therapy- hence her handle. Her mother will be talked more about later, and her mother's drinking does tie in a bit with her delusions {and birth defect of Autism }.

Dave is a young boy who lived a hard life. He has dreams to become a rapper but it dies when his parents die leaving him his older brother to be his caretaker. He eventually skips school often and gets into fights as a result.

Jade is a lonley girl who has bad asthma and heart problems. She lives with her grandfather in the countryside on the farm, and is homeschooled with him. Her grandfather's dog, Bec dies somewhere along the way, and so does her Grandfather long after. But she continues to live there, alone. She plays multiple instruments, Flute and Bass, in her spare time and enjoys laying in the grass and staring at the clouds, and helping on the farm.


They all meet online and are brought into RolePlaying by Andrew Hussie, a person who liked to draw comics and doodles.


They began to roleplay with one another, because most of them were Stuck at Home. HomeStuck.

Andrew Hussie was drawing the illustrations of HomeStuck along with the trolls if they didn't draw their own.

All the Trolls join one at a time slowly because they weren't in the Rp from the beginning.


Here comes the Trolls. D:

Aradia: She was a lonely quiet and emotionless girl in school and after a certain point of being all alone she just slowly stopped going. Role Playing was her vent.

Tavros: He had an inferiority complex and was bullied excessively. It got so bad that he was pushed down the stairs and lost the feelings in his legs, getting paralyzed. While he was in the hospital recovering he met the roleplayers who happily let him role play with him.

Sollux: He was born with one red eye and one blue eye, with color blindness. He simply didnt like school and became homeschooled.

Nepeta: Now this one is defiantly one of my most saddest ones in my opinion. Nepeta is Equius's most best friend, and visits and roleplays with him often. When she finds about the HomeStuck RolePlay, she joins in happily. Her love for roleplaying shows so much because even her troll is in love with RolePlaying. Nepeta is physically healthy, the only thing is her mind which seems a bit younger then her body, but she spends her hours with Equius most of the time.

Kanaya: She has physiological problems and a thirst for blood. She killed her parents with a chainsaw and is in asylum. She gets on the computer whenever she felt like it, but now she goes to roleplay there with the HomeStucks.

Terezi: She's blind and her parents were killed by a criminal who never recived justice, thats why she's so into it. She goes to a special help orphanage and roleplays with the speakers telling her what is being typed. She wishes to taste the colors in hope to see.

Vriska: The oldest of the group who has a superiority complex, later she and Andrew (Hussie) get together? Well in Hussies dreams. XD She isnt really that sad. Except for the fact on Halloween she was trapped in a haunted house and kind of needed therapy for that.

Equius: He was born weak and short with heart problems. With weak bones and a sickly immune system. He is in the hospital a lot of the time, but when he isn't he is with Nepeta and they make believe stories. He joines the HomeStuck group because of Nepeta.

Gamzee: In the Hospital because of his addiction to drugs and other things. Along with therapy and trying to get help. Roleplaying helps him get his mind off of everything though.

Eridan: He's lonley and lost hope in everything. He uses his "superiority complex" to hide the fact of his pain and suffering.

Feferi: She lived by the sea-side and her house was hit by a tsunami, loosing her mother and father. Only her older brother barley made it out alive. In the process though a plank was thrown into her stomach. She was taken to the hospital but was paralyzed. She met Nepeta at some point through the hospital service.

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- -

So at first. The four Beta kids were the ones who started the RP. Hussie found out about the RP and started drawing them all, with consent of course.

Karkat: He suffers from depression and is alone. He is grumpy and angry a lot of the time. The other time he's troubled and he uses caps as a way to be heard seen and feel important. He chooses to be a Mutant in the troll group because he feels like one. Living in an abusive household and going to school where he's all alone. Karkat just wants someone to care.

- -

ALPHA KiDs ;-;

Jane: This is John's nana, whom died in the middle of the RP. She joined at some point to make John happier, not having anything better to do and glad to make him happy with it.

Roxy: Rose's mom. *sigh* where do I begin? She's a drunk because she can't deal with the hardships of becoming a single mother and the drama and pain at her school, which she ends up stopping going to. She has her regrets and dreams.

Dirk: *sobs* He has alzheimer's, which causes Dave to switch and take turns of taking care of one another. Dirk begins to forget slowly, and soon forgets about the RP, which is why he sometimes is unresponsive to Jake.

Jake: He is actually Jane's father. Shocker huh? Very Happy Jane's father feels bad for neglecting his daughter so much and decides to join the RolePlay to give her some joy. Since he always travels around he doesnt seem to have time for her and he feels this way it'll be best.


The ancestors are made by most of the RPing group, and are role played by the trolls corresponding to the horoscopes.


THIS IS THE WORST PART. Prepare to have your heart broken.

Caliope has Leukemia, and since she's adopted to her family she doesnt have any matches for transfers.

She's bedridden at the hospital and when she enters the RP they welcome her. She draws her own fan art and writes and reads Fan Fictions because she feels its like getting away from other stuff. Her fan fictions that she writes can sometimes relate to the timelines, sometimes it even is part of the timeline, for her honor.

Caliborn is her older (adoptive) brother, and he cant deal with the loss of his sister so he feels if he ignores and hates her existance then it will hurt less when she leaves. He shows ill feelings to everyone afraid of the pain he might get.

He only joins the RP to watch over her and make sure that she's safe. I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE HE CARES ABOUT HER OR ANYTHING BAKA!


When Caliope dies.

The RP ends.

HomeStuck ends.

They cant RP without their cheerer and the one who brings happiness into the serious RP.

Ohkamijashinandkenyo im crying.

Damn it.

Im so sorry.

Not sorry at all


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