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Daily Diary~ (November 20- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (November 20- 2012)

Post  Anna on Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:48 pm

Hello again~

Today is Tuesday.

Choir day~

Since today was also a half day, we did as much as we could.

We sung Adele, and other songs. To get ready for an upcoming concert in January.

After that was Social Studies.

I have like.

35 questions to search and find online.

BLAHHHHhhHghhghhh *dies*

then Gym/Drivers Ed. We just mett inthe Gym today.


My best friend, who is a guy. He broke up with his girlfriend, and now im kinda trying to establish no hard feelings.


She hates him, and he gave up trying to be friends with her.

The rest of the day was pretty normal.

Nothing happened really-

I lost my jacket/left it. In Lunch- and forgot about it till the end of the day. and found it in the cafe'.

I walkde home..


With my best bro.


Pro: Hanging with my best bro
Con: My feet hurt T~T

Anyways. I'm going to float off to my xxxHolic Fan Fiction on Wattpad



~Anna :DD

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