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Daily Diary~ (November 19- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (November 19- 2012)

Post  Anna on Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:07 pm

Hello Again.

I'm in a somewhat better mood today.

Today was a Half Day in school.

I kinda forgot all about my Social Studies homework, but one of my friends let me borrow his text book for five minutes to do the first one, and the rest I did in class.

Funny thing is, he (the Teacher) wasn't even going to check it over.

After that I had Gym. We were sitting on the bleachers, and suddenly he called all the Sophmores (10th graders (thats me)) up, and into a group. Then annoncued that names he called would be in Drivers Ed.


I was like "Pft. Noo. I wont be in there."


I was called into Drivers Ed.


I'm really afraid of driving. Like- I know alot of people would be screaming happy about this- but I'm just.. not.

I'm upset and afraid.

I dont want to drive.
I dont want to drive.

You dont understand.
I had this nightmare.


Its just, really scary.

I dont want to start describing it, I'll become more upset then I already am.

After that was Chemistry. We had a Quiz Today. I'm not very confident in that quiz. It was hard..

In class we just worked on work we didnt do or missed.

Next was Photography. Thats one of my favorite classes. I have my mom's camera, and take pictures with them.

Maybe sometime later I'll post it up, one of my pictures.

After that was Italian. I cant tell you much about that because my stomach was speaking the whole time.

After Italian was LUNCH.



Then was English. I read my Fictional Piece, and boy. Damn. I bored everyone. halfway everyone began talking and whispering. and talking in the middle of my shit.

like- god damn- really? Fucking really? Cant you give me some respect you stupid-


Anna.. Calm down.


So yeah..

If anyone wants to read it-

I'll have my fictional piece right here:

Today’s the day, or night rather. I can’t tell actually, the airplanes window’s shades were shut just about everywhere. Many people around me slept on their own chairs. Babies cooed and others were quiet, also sleeping. The flight attendants stopped making their trips up and down the lane, and the roars of the jet engine seemed to be drowned out by my father’s snores, who slept peacefully next to my mother. My older brother snored to himself just in a seat behind me. Me? Well, I was awake.
Unable to sleep, mind racing, thoughts running, eyes wandering. We were moving to America from Russia - this amazing place where my mother told us that we would be free. I was so excited, but afraid and upset at the same time. I left my friends, home and dog. However at the same time, I knew that in my heart I could rebuild a new life here.
Especially Natasha, my best friend. I will keep in touch and defiantly visit one day. We already made plans with our future husbands that we still have yet to find. We would write tons of letters to one another, and I’ll one day make an international phone call to her when I get enough money too.
A voice came from the speaker, speaking what sounded like English, but I didn’t understand it that well. I’ve studied English in high school, but the person on the speaker was too fast for my liking. When he stopped talking, a woman went on and spoke in Russian.
“Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you all that we will be landing in about an hour or so, the date is September 18th, at 17:30 (5:30pm). Stay buckled until we land in case of turbulence. Thank you, and have a nice day.” Her voice ended with a click and I tilted my head and body to my seat, getting comfortable and slowly falling asleep.
~ ~ ~
“Lena, wake up. We’re here.” My father shook me awake. I lazily got up and looked around. People were already getting up and taking their bags from the compartments, mostly Russians spoke, but there were English speakers as well.
When we got out of the airplane into what my father called “The Terminal”. Everything seemed to happen so quickly, a blur of a dream. Suddenly there are all these new colors, smells, and sounds. This feeling… Free. I marveled at everything. New people, faces, styles, words and languages.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw my mother, father, and brother walk off. I quickly dashed after them and followed closely, not paying attention too much. Getting lost at this point wasn’t exactly an option.
As I continued to think, I began to worry. Where will we live? What will we eat? Jobs? Money? Will I make a friend? Will I be happy here? At this point my mom already explained to me that Aunt Lucya, or in English “Lucille”, was going to take me to her house for about a week. Where will my parents go? What if I lose contact with them?! This Airport is big enough. With all these people. If I loose them, how will I ever find them?
I know I’m 18, and I should be old enough to take care of myself, but they’re still my parents and I still worry about them. After all we’re in a new country, with foreign language, suitcase worth of 5 days of clothing.
Such thoughts drove me deep into anxiety and stress. My hands felt sweaty and I almost dropped the suitcase. My mother looked back at me, as if her motherly power realized something was wrong. She asked if anything was wrong. I quickly shook my head and replied that I was fine. She had a soft look in her eyes and nodded, giving me a look that told me “It’s going to be all right, we’ll be fine so don’t worry.” And turned back to look at my father who was arguing with himself, about where his Sister was. My mother calmed him down and we waited patiently. Well, excluding my father who continued grumbling and ranting about how Lucile was always late, or as she put it, we were early. I love my father, I really do, but sometimes he can’t stop talking. My mother shushed him as I saw the grey car pull up and my aunt waved at me. I grinned and launched myself to give her a big squeeze, and gave her a kiss. I opened the door, and saw my younger cousin Marina in the back seat. She was screaming at the top of her lungs
“LENA! I MISSED YOU! I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE! MY BEST COUSIN. PINCH ME! AM I DREAMING?!” Marina was just a five years younger than me, and moved to America five years earlier. She spoke fluent English, and was completely Americanized.
The screaming scene lasted for over fifteen minutes, where we hugged, kissed, cried with happiness and made our parents deaf.
We talked for a while on our way to Lucya’s home, I found myself having fun and slowly adjusting to the new life. I came to realize that no matter what happens having my family here with me would make things okay. I was looking forward to my new life in the United States of America.
So yeah. Its a fictional piece in my Mother- Lena/Yelena's POV.

About her immigration.


Last but not least, my second favorite class..... MATH!

Math is my favorite class. The teacher is pretty funny- and teachers pretty well. But I get everything so quickly, and he wonders if I'm supposed to be in a class higher. ouo

Tomorow I have my FAVORITE class- Choir/Chorus ! >//<

I love singing, even though my voice sounds awful sometimes, and I'm a tenor in the school Choir. I used to be a Soprano in my old school, but because I can hit both high and low notes perfectly, she chose me as a Tenor, with the other girls because all the boys are Bass, and yeah.. We're called "Alto II's" for the sake of our "Pride"


I'm proud to be a Tenor.

Anyways. Today I uploaded two of my Fan Fictions to the Writing Site I use.

I uploaded BBW, and TSBS.

I wont tell anyone where it is, but Ill tell you that I uploaded it.

If you REALLY want to know about it or something, PM me or someshit.

Maybe if I trust you enough, I'll show you my Naruto Fan Fictions.




I made my characters do this:








Anyways. Yeah.


I love you if you read the whole thing.


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