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Daily Diary - (November 25- 2014)

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Daily Diary - (November 25- 2014)

Post  Anna on Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:13 pm

Dear Diary,
I have correctly wrote November 25th for once.

Also it was a coincidence I decided to check up on you

I'm feeing kind of lonely. Idk.

I was in a skype group call for a while and i just.. feel numb.

I dont know

I hate my voice i hate my fave i hate a lot of hings about me
i still want to die
i dont know what to do
all this shit about ferguson or whatver just makes me depressed and worse and makes me think hwo shitty this world is and it makes me want to just die so i dont have to deal with this shit

im so tired of all this shit

im so tired

humans are shit

i cant deal with writing about this anymore i just cant


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