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Daily Diary - (November 8th 2014)

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Daily Diary - (November 8th 2014)

Post  Anna on Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:31 pm

I woke up last night and mindlessly texted the first person to come to mind, my boyfriend.

This is word for word the conversation at 3am
3Am Texts:
Me: Aaaa I just remembered. I can go with you on thursdegg
Him: Aaaaaa it's 3am
Me: Shit
-Three minutes pass-
Me: What language do you think dogs speak in?
Him: Dog
Me: So then each animal has its own language that they converse in. But then why can't I understand dog if I've heard barking all my life? Like if I hear russian all my life I can figure it out a bit but dogs are weird.
Me: I keep forgetting its 3am. Sorry. Night
Him: No Worries
-4 minutes later-
Him: You dont understand dogs because they operate on a different level than humans. Their language is focused in body language than literary. Not only that, you have to take the time to understand how smart the average dog is and why they do certain actions at certain times.
Him: It's a psychology the normal person will not consider important unless the dog is a problem or the person cares about dogs in general... it's not important enough
Me: Oohh. That makes sense. I can understand general needs for dogs but I can't directly get what they want or whatever. Plus each dog is different. It's so cool.

and i fell asleep 15 minutes later

isnt he such a doll >w<

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