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Daily Diary~ (March 13th 2013)

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Daily Diary~ (March 13th 2013)

Post  Anna on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:25 pm

Nobody notices my depression.

I realized just today that I've been self-harming ever since 8th grade when I had that science teacher that always yelled at me.

My description of it is Triggering.. so be warned
I scratch my head until the skin rips off.. and I bleed a little..
and later pick at the scabs
I squeeze and pick at my skin, and fumble with sharp objects like needles and the blade of a pencile sharpener.
I dont do enough to bleed, or leave that much of a mark.. but it provides me enough pain to get through

on a better note- I went on an Italian Field Trip to this museum and then a pizza parlor and icecream shop.
it was pretty nice..



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