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Seams, Dark, and Prince

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Seams, Dark, and Prince

Post  Anna on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:32 am

The Seams that hold the bonds together
Each supporting one another
As if they could be forever
Holding each other above her

When the sky would turn dark blue
the sky would turn against me
Trying to push me far from you
Better to know how close we can be
Before the seams rip
And we will part

In the night of blue
You hold me against you
As I let it all out
The pain, The doubt
No more that I can be
Forever together for me?
In the dark I cry
As the pain inside
Attacks the light
Showing the true form
Of a Rainbow

In my dreams I saw you
Not your eyes nor your body,
Just the presence
I felt it
We were together
I was for once happy
I felt at peace
Not afraid that somebody will barge in
Not that anyone will fall in
My prince is here
Protecting me from fear
As if I could help him?
Nothing more but to be there with him
He needs the courage.

We watched a frightening Movie
The whole time I hid in his arms
He would not mind if i shifted, moving
I felt as if he was protecting me from a dragon with arms
The fear melted away and I fell asleep.

Later waking up to realize it was a dream.
Yet I know.
I will meet my prince... soon~

I reposted this from HERE

It is absolutly mine. I made it on May 16, 2011

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