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Daily Diary~ (December 4- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (December 4- 2012)

Post  Anna on Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:45 pm

Im not sure if its jsut me or a computer malfunction but it says there is a guest reading my diary.

Huh. Weird. o.o

Anyways. Welcome whatever guest that has decided to stumble upon my shitty diary of epicness.

I'm working on Italian Home Work Right now- in Lunch Class.

I had a Social Studies Test today.
Got a 58 on it. D:

Im awful at Social Studies Tests.

He said he would let us use open book last week! DD:

Its so unfair >//<

Bah! But its okay. All the home work I do makes up for it so it seems like I'm passing finely.

I must do all school and homework to keep my grades up, even if i have bad grades for tests.


Its hot in the lunch room.

Or me.

Im wearing my usual lovely favorite hoodie of amazingness.


*floats off*


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