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Daily Diary~ (December 3- 2012)

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Daily Diary~ (December 3- 2012)

Post  Anna on Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:32 am

I am in Drivers Ed.

Meow meow.

I dont have any tests that I know of yet.

I'm working with Nemi-chan on "The Guardians"

Its a book- y'know.

But you probably never heard of it.

it's a Naruto Fan Fiction anyways.

I also wrote my first "labor"

So Nemi-chan has my Labor Virginity xD

I wrote this:

Usagi sat in Anna’s living room, Kakashi was out doing grocery shopping and Hunter went with, because why not?

“Do you have any names.” Usagi asked her twin, smiling as she stretched on the couch. Anna shrugged.

“Not r-really.. w-well.. We have some options. I think we had options. Did we?” Anna asked, looking confused and spaced out then shrugged. “Yeah. Kakashi-kun has them I think.” She mumbled then winced slightly, one of her eyes closed as her hand went to her stomach.

“Kicking?” Usagi asked, and put her hand on Anna’s stomach.

“Y-yeah. He’s quiet a lot of the time. I think he likes you t-though.” She said, gritting her teeth.

“Should we get to the hospital? The contractions seem to be getting closer to one another.” Usagi asked. Anna slowly nodded.

“But what about- about Kakashi-kun?” She asked, getting up carefully.

“I’ll take care of that stupid-”

“No. Usa.. Usa-chan. I really do love him.. Please don't be angry at him for anything. He’s been nothing but s-supportive so I.. Just don’t hurt him.” Anna mumbled with blush.

“Yeah.. Come on, lets get you to the Hospital.” Usagi said, and made clones of herself, and carried Anna off.

An extra shadow clone went to look for the two males, and everyone else who was still in Konaha.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Anna, you’re doing great. I’m right here.” Kakashi whispered and tried holding Anna’s hand, which she continued avoiding.

“Y-yeah.” She said breathlessly, clenching her fists. Tears ran down her face and she took the pain silently.

“The baby is crowning!” The doctor said.

“Aww! Look at the little thingy! Anna it's adorable! Let me get a mirror!~” Usagi cried and everyone crowded around, and began chattering happily. As they saw the head, and then the door opened and Hunter again made the mistake of entering, and had a full view of the head. And promptly passed out on the ground again. Usagi sighed and dragged his body out into the hallway, mumbling about stupid idiots. And then crying filled the room.

“AWWW! It’s a He!” Ren shouted, spoiling it for the doctor as she stood in the room holding Rei and smiling.

“A boy, a boy you here that, Anna?” Kakashi asked her with joy.

“Y..Yeah..” Anna was crying now, and wiped her face, even though she was grinning so much that her face hurt. “Shijima.” She said, and took the baby from the doctor after having him cleaned up, she held him to her chest and cried.

“What?” Kakashi asked.

“Shijima Hatake.”

Its kind of Kawaii, but also kinda of awkward for me to write >//<

I wonder if anyone will be able to distinguish that I wrote that, and not Nemi-chan.

But I dont care!~

I love her story, and I'm honored to have wroten with her- and to be her (bad) editor. ^.^

I stayed up till 12 09 or something yesterday night, and I dont think I had a dream.

if I did I cant exactly remeber it o.o

Ohwell I suppose.


I wonder if anyone ever wants to know things about me.

I really do..


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