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Daily Diary- The Beginning~ (November 18- 2012)

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Daily Diary- The Beginning~ (November 18- 2012)

Post  Anna on Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:53 pm

So. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna.

I'd rather not give out my last name, y'know. This may be some shitty online diary or something, and people could know whats going on with me or whatever, but I dont want them to connect it to actually me.

However if some people dig deep enough, they'll find me somehow.

Anyways. If you're reading this- and you aren't me. Well. Congratulations. I hope I wont bore you. Maybe you're reading this because you're like "OMG ITS A FUCKING DIARY WHO THE HELL WOULDNT READ THIS SHIT?"

I dont know.



Let me just make a quick Character Profile of myself.

Name: Anna.
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: June 19

Some of my Biggest Fandoms:
Black Butler
Alice in Wonderland

((I have a WHOLE BUNCH! If you name it' I either heard of it, or am part of it))

I'm also a big writer.


Hopefully one day I'll be the world known writer like James Patterson, or some shit.

Back to my Bio

I have a younger brother, Ben.
And a younger half sister, Emily.

My mom and dad are divorced, but I suppose it doesnt bother me anymore. I was like.. Five or something maybe?

I cant remember..

Oh. Another thing about me.

My life existence is a contradiction.

I cant remember shit, like Italian for school. But I can remember what happened when I was 7 or something. I can remeber the stupitest details and memories. But I forget things so easily and quickly.

I can focous if I want to.. but yeah..

Oh. and if you havent noticed by now. My spelling isn't the best.

Words that I hate:
Remeber. ((I always have to force myself to write "remember" because the second M pisses me off))
Words that never stop: ex: Bananananannananana...



Damn it Anna- stop being an idiot
>I'm sorrrrryy
No you're not you god damn bitch
Yeah. Exactly.


Sorrysorry. I'm trying to be serious. Its not working to well. v.v


Today is Sunday. And I went to the Synogauge, to help, then I came home around 12 or so, ate, and went to my room. I wrote for about an hour and read for longer. Listening to the same NightCore song for about an hour or more.

Damn it. I'm hungry again.



So yeah. I just went to get some icecream.

Maple Walnuts kind.

My favorite is Chocolateeeeee


well no

Its Java Chocolate Chip (Coffeefe with Chocoalte Chip thingys in it ouo)

Okay okay. Sorry.

Anywas. I try not to make this long, but I cant really say much but that.

I dont know how you found this shitty Diary.

But if you continue.


Your choice so yeah..

I'm going to go write some more.

Spakolne Noche~

~Anna bounce afro


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